Valentine's Day Wish List

Everyone has different ideas about the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.  My opinions on the matter have changed now that we are married.  Once upon a time, I wanted anything romantic or jewelry-esque.  Some of those items are still on my list, but now that it is OUR money and not HIS money, I feel like I am more aware of the impact of what I want or at least the necessity of what I want.

1.  Fruit art print from Jone's Design Company.  I love this print.  Our entire kitchen is in lime green, so it would match perfectly.  Plus it has the fruits of the spirit on it, which is a great way to have scripture in your home.

2.  Okay, so I really want some new stud earrings.  I thought these from HandyJan on Etsy would be a perfect way to symbolize the jewelry I want for Valentine's Day.  

3.  I LOVE Gap's intimate collection.  I didn't want to flaunt exactly what I wanted, but this is their logo for their Valentine's Day collection.

4.  Lately, I have been looking to redesign everything, mostly because of the lovely interior design blogs I've been admiring.  This duvet set from West Elm would go perfectly with how we would like to redo our bedroom.  The plan is to use this duvet with royal purple sheets!

5.  I mentioned in my Kitchen Wish List post that I have been jones-ing for a food processor...I just needed a holiday to ask for it. 

6.  Isn't this jewelry tree from Target fun and cute.  I love the idea of keeping my necklaces and bracelets out on display and untangled. 

What is on your Valentine's Day wish list?  Do you know what you are getting your Valentine? 

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