Miss Havisham

Last night, I watched P.S. I Love You.

In several parts of the movie, Holly (the main character, whose husband passes away in like the first 15 minutes of the movie) refers to herself as Miss Havisham.  Each time she said the name, I knew that I'd heard it before.  Finally, it dawned on me that it was from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  I read the book per an assignment in Freshman English.  I didn't like it at the time, probably because I was forced to read it.  

At any rate, the story behind Miss Havisham is so sad. 

Her mother died when she was very young, so she was raised and spoiled greatly by her father.  When her father died, he left her a fortune in his will.  Later, she finds a man that she loves, and even though she is warned that he is just after her money, she plans their wedding.  While getting dressed for her big day, she receives a letter from her fiance that explains he is leaving her.  

Miss Havisham has all of the clocks stopped at that moment, never takes off her wedding dress, leaves the wedding cake uneaten in her room and lives the rest of her life with one shoe on to show her disappointment.

Eventually she adopts a little girl, Estella, and even though Miss Havisham's intentions are good, she eventually teaches Estella to break men's hearts to enact revenge for Miss Havisham's disappointment.  

Even though Miss Havisham's upbringing of Estella breaks Pip's, the main character, heart I feel bad for Miss Havisham.  

I realize this post may be a tad depressing....so here are some sad looking models in gorgeous wedding gowns to make you happier!

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