Today, I am on autopilot. I am going to class and accomplishing things, but in that slow pace that makes you just want to crawl back onto the comfy chair in the library that you love (mind you my chair is currently taken).

The weather, amount of reading and sleepiness of the day all scream nap time.
So...I am blogging. I am using this time to take a break from homework and all of my duties to give a shout out to the gloomy, cool weather and the comfy chair that is taken.

Oh, how I wish Bracken made a better Chai Tea Latte.

I think that I need to get better at this blogging thing. I'm not really sure how to accomplish that though. Well he
re is a start at least....

"And now I may dismiss my heroine to the sleepless couch,
which is the true heroine's portion;
to a pillow strewed with thorns and wet with tears."

Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey



On Saturday, Nick and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to visit their 100 Acres.They have different art pieces outside across a 100 acre walking trail. It was a beautiful fall day. We've had some pretty warm September days, but today was perfect.

Nick and I on our way to the IMA.

This is a boat that was one of the
art pieces on the 100 Acres property.

The Lamenting Garden at the IMA.
It was very peaceful inside,
but Nick and I kept giggling.
We decided that we were too
happy for the Lamenting Garden.


The Life

Today is our 2 month anniversary!

Nick and I are currently living our lives the way we always wanted to. We have enough money to go to the movies and out to dinner, but not so much that we do not know what to do with it. Basically, being married is a lot of fun.

Our next big adventure is this blog. I'm hoping that we both can add to the entries so everyone can get both perspectives of our life.

So here is Lauren, signing off for the afternoon, but I'll be back soon with updates and pictures of Nick and I's life together!


Here Goes

This blog began as a wedding blog, but then we made a website. So this is the new beginning of the blog.
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