Cinco de Mayo

So even though I have been an absolutely horrible blogger lately, I have been taking pictures for future blogging.  I decided it was time to take a break from vacation photos.  

Nick and I went all out for Cinco de Mayo this year.  I'm not sure why, other than that it was a great excuse to make fish tacos.  We made them once before this experiment, and were not impressed.  This time, however, we based them on the fish wrap at Mo's Irish Pub.  They turned out amazing.

We also made sangria!

Here is the fish simmering in the taco seasoning

Nick chopping something

The fish after it had gotten nice and crumbled!

Our dinner!

Our dessert!


California Vacation 3

I think my favorite part of this trip was the aquariums and museums we went to.  Usually, I would say the beach or something of that nature, but since it was so crummy outside, the inside activity won my vote this vacation.  Nick took most of these photos at the Monterey Bay Aquarium; which, I must say, out ranks the San Fran. Bay Aquarium by loads and loads!

The penguins were Nick's favorite, but I loved the jelly fish!


California Vacation 2

So originally, I would have done our pictures from Cali in some kind of order.  I didn't though.  Mostly because then they would have started out all nice and sunny and gotten gloomier and gloomier as the vacation went on.  That's right, it rained and was cold the majority of the time.  

Here are some of the pictures from Monterey.  I didn't put the aquarium pictures up yet, but they will be up soon.


California Vacation

Nick and I went to visit my family in California, at the beginning of June.  We had a great time hanging out  and being on vacation.

Here is my first set of pictures from our trip.  These are all in San Francisco.  We spent one day there with the family, and then spent the night there and the next day by ourselves.

So I know that some of these pictures are not the best, but I like them anyway, so I hope you do too!  I'll post another day's worth of photos tomorrow.

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