The Misadventures of Sophie Ann

That's right folks. It is time for you to meet Sophie Ann, our adorable, mischievous kitty.

She has had quite the life. I got her from a friend in middle school. She lived with me and my family until I graduated high school. It is important to note, however, that she is a tornado survivor. During my senior year of high school our house was hit by a tornado, and we lost the second story of the house. Luckily, the family I had inside was able to stay safe. Sophie Ann was lost for almost a week. Poor kitty, still hides when it rains. Anyway, when I went off to college Sophie went to live with Nick in his apartment and then to the second floor of his parents house. She wasn't very happy there though, mostly because Nick visited me on the weekends and she was alone alot.

She is VERY happy now though. She loves living with Nick and I in our apartment. Here are some pictures of her.

The little brown thing in the last two pictures is her mouse. They have a love hate relationship.

Have a great weekend!

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