Online Magazines!

I have a feeling I'm really behind the times on this new find, but I'm okay with that.  Hopefully at least one of you haven't heard about this as well so I do not feel out of the loop.

Did you know there are online magazines?  Most of which are free, or just ask for a small donation from their loyal readers.  I did not know about such things, but I LOVE it.  

Not only can you read them online, but there is at least one Web site, Issuu, that allows you to download and subscribe to the magazines you like.  I'm so excited about this.  Many of these magazines also have their own Web sites to subscribe to as well.  Issuu is also a way to publish said magazines.

I found out about this lovely idea from Hither and Thither, a blog I've been stalking.  They mentioned Rue magazine and I clicked on the link, like a good stalker, and fell in love with this online magazine.  From there I have been looking everywhere for recommendations on good online magazines, and just looking around Issuu for things I might like.  Here are some of my favorites.

Those are my two favorites so far, but I've just scratched the surface here guys.  Please let me know some others that you like or know about.  Nesting Newbies is another I've been drooling over today.

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