Saturday Breakfast: #5

I decided to try something new this Saturday.  We are typically a pancake family, but we have been dabbling more and more with eggs to add more protein to my vegetarian diet.  We had some red potatoes on hand and Nick wanted to sleep in a little, so I took my time making my own version of home fries/fried potatoes and eggs.

First I diced the potatoes as uniformly as I could.  I frequently struggle with this process, but I wanted them all to cook at the same pace so I took my time.

Next, I heated up some olive oil and let that heat up and added my diced potatoes.  It took FOREVER for them to cook!  Let's be honest, I am rather impatient, but it did take a while.  About half way through, I added about 2 Tbs of butter to add more flavor and to help the potatoes cook {or out of boredom, whatever}.  I also added generous amounts of salt and pepper to keep the good flavors going.

The finished product also included some over-easy eggs and cheese.  This dish ended up better than I expected.  

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