Six Months!

In celebration of our first six months of marriage, we decided to do a post based on a set of books given to us by my maid of honor.  The books are quizzes that ask questions to see how well you know your husband/wife.  Nick picked five questions I would answer about him and I picked five for him to answer about me. 

Nick's Questions:

1. Did she ever win a contest of any sort? If so, what was her prize?
    N: Yes, she won jump rope "speed rope"?
    L:  I won awards in jump rope for double dutch speed and criss-cross mostly, but I stunk at speed step.

2. When dressing for an evening out, does she put on makeup...
    ___ Early in the process?
    _X_ Last thing?
    ___ Not at all?
    L: Always last, except when it is super hot out, then I do it sooner.

3. If you want to make her unhappy, serve her  Salsbury steak for dinner.
    L: Eck, I hate Salsbury Steak!

4. When she was a little girl, what did she answer people who asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
    N: Astronaut, because she went to space camp.
    L:  So close, astronomer

5.  If you two had to move out of the country, where would she choose to go?
    N: England
    L: I would pick England, since we know the language.

Lauren's Questions:

1. Who will he say is the funniest person he knows?
    L: Jordan
    N: Ok, so the first one was easy...

2. In which pocket does he usually carry his wallet? How many photos does he keep in it?
    L: Left back, 4 photos
    N: Correct pocket, no photos though

3. Which habit of yours most annoys him?
    L: When I know you are going to talk and ask "What?" before you say anything.
    N: No, although it is aggravating. It's when you pop every joint in your body at once. One or two is fine, but when it's all of them in a row it sounds like you are breaking.

4. What does he think about the possibility of intelligent life on other planets?
     ___ Very likely
     _X_ Possible, but not likely
     ___ Out of the question
     ___ He has no idea
     N: Yeah, that's the answer I'd pick

5. If a serious fire broke out, what object or objects would he try to save first?
    L: Sophie and computer tower
    N: Oh darn, I didn't think about the cat. I was thinking our pictures and other sentimental stuff.

Well, that was fun.  We hope you enjoyed! 

 P.S. The books are Do you know your Husband? and Do you know your Wife? by Dan Carlinsky.

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