New Years Resolutions

I'm not a huge resolution person.  I feel like they are just words and most of the time, I don't follow through.  This year though, they won't be just words, I'm telling you. 

So here goes:

Wants to become as healthy as he can be by working out more and eating healthier.  This will be a family effort.

I have decided to try out vegetarianism for the month of January.  The current plan is to do it week by week to see how I hold up.  I also hope to post more on the blog and create some kind of schedule for me to follow, such as reporting on the book I'm reading on Mondays or posting photos on Wednesdays; I need some kind of regiment.  I also need to hunt for another job so we can begin saving for our adventures.  

At any rate, I think overall, we both just want to be better people.  People that have experienced things in life and can tell our kids (in the future of course) the amazing story of our life together.  Our life of adventures, challenges, mistakes, happiness, passion, learning and LOVE!

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