Crochet 101

I learned how to crochet my freshman year of college from a few friends.  To be honest, I'm not really sure which one taught me, but all of a sudden there were three or four of us crocheting all the time.  Each of us began making the same blanket with different colors....everyone finished but me.  It was just too tedious and too big to take around with me to work on.

From then on, I was strictly a scarf girl.  Last Christmas break, Jude and I began working on an afghan.  She finished it shortly after, but that is when I began planning a wedding while taking 19 credit hours at BSU.

This Christmas break, I vowed to keep going with it.  I am almost done and pretty pumped about it.  I got the pattern from Lion Brand Yarn Company.  

I love this afghan and can't wait until it is done.  I chose different colors than the picture.  I am using Cranberry, Linen, Dusty Blue, Taupe and Purple.  As soon as it is done, I'll post pictures. 

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