I have always loved watches.  For one, I like knowing what time it is, but I also think they are a great accessory to any gal's favorite outfit.  It looks professional, but can be casual as well.  Despite my love for watches, we have a sorted past.  For the longest time, I would either break or lose my watches.  I, however, have grown up and am able to keep the same watch for a lot longer now.  

Fossil is my favorite watch brand.  I currently have a classic of theirs (I cannot seem to find it on their website).  It is small and silver.  I love it!

BUT I work at a restaurant and it gets wet a lot, then it turns my arm green/black.  Not attractive.  So here are a few of Fossils silicone options that I am looking at as a possible birthday present!

same name as the one above, but check out the bling!

Each of these watches make my fav. list because of the silicone band.  It is water resistant and would not cause the discoloration my current watch does.  I also like that each of these watches has the date on them.  I work different days each week and tend to lose track of the date, watches with the date on them are a huge time saver for me (no pun intended).

Most of the watches come in other colors as well.  I think white is my current favorite because it goes with anything, but I do like navy as well!

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  1. Ohh, loving these watches, Lauren! I think I'd choose the first one, though I'd have to see them closer to decide. Hope you get one on your birthday!


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