Photo Editing

When I posted the new pictures of our bedroom, I was a little ashamed.  Not of the bedroom itself (it is my favorite room), but of the photos.  They just were not good.  Despite my ability with Illustrator and In-Design, my Photoshop ability and knowledge is very very limited.  So, I typically do not edit my photos, but I saw somewhere that iPhoto had a decent photo editing option.  Here are the bedroom redo pictures again, but better!

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  1. You are right, these photographs are so much clearer. You have a lovely bedroom, Lauren. It's calming and with just the right amount of things.

    And I see you keep a notepad and pen on your night table... so do I! Love to jot down the things that come into my head just before I go to sleep, though many times I fall asleep before I get to write them down!


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