That's right folks...today I am a grump.  The last two weeks have been great.  Nick and I have had tons of time together and work has had a lot of positive moments.  Then came this week.  

This week, our cat got an eye infection that requires us to put 2 drops of medicine in her eye 3 times a day (let me just say that she no longer likes or trusts us anymore)


my car broke down....like $1,000 worth of broke down.  

Therefore, on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I am baking myself chocolate chip cookies in a shallow attempt to make myself feel better.  I also plan on eating all of the carbs I can get my hands on with the help of a new cookbook Real Simple Meals Made Easy.   

I picked this beauty up at the local Borders.  Since they are all closing, so sad, I got it for 30% off.  I am excited to try the Lasagna-Style Baked Ziti for dinner this evening (expect a post soon all about it).

There went the timer.....

morsels of joy, here I come. 

Hmmmm, cookies, cold milk and a good book.  I feel better already.

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