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Over the past two months, Nick and I have watched Numb3rs like it was our job.  We love the show, the "math vision" and the characters.  The majority of the characters are quirky and smart and eccentric, but I think we like the dynamic.  The show focuses on two brothers solving crimes using their own specific skill sets.  One brother is an FBI agent and the other is a mathematician.

Our problem, however, is that we are done with the show.  We watched them all.  So, last night we started watching Mad Men.  I am not sure how I feel about the show yet.  The views are so old, and by old, I mean offensive to this progressive/slightly feminist woman who would slap a man for the way they behave on this show.  Okay, I know that was intense, but seriously, I cannot decide how I feel about this show.  I am sure it is good, if I could stop my blood from boiling for 5 seconds while watching it.  

So, what are you watching, or how do you feel about Mad Men

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