I feel like I have too many goals.  I truly believe that I can accomplish them all; it is just a lot to maintain.  Currently, I have a lot of goals going at the same time and I think of more and more each day.  The one on my mind this morning is shopping.  

I love to shop for new clothes, but if I achieve my goal for July 31 then I would much rather have saved my shopping money until it is time to buy clothes then...right?  

So, should I make it a goal to not buy clothing unless it is workout related or necessary because things don't fit (i.e. work clothes or jeans when my old ones are too big)?  

Also, if I do not spend money and save it over the course of this time, won't I end up with a large saving and be able to either buy more or just keep some of it to help with our college debt and so forth?

See what I mean, it seems like such a good idea/goal, but does that make too many, what with the birthday list, running and all those silly personal goals that I haven't even bothered to mention on here like how I want to use up all of my stock of lotion before I buy anymore (I'm a lotion horder).  

I guess, I didn't really decide anything in there, but I think it is something to think about and maybe a good reward for my hard work if I am able to save the money will be an awesome shopping spree...or maybe I won't be abel to resist a good sale tomorrow...or maybe the goal is just to be conscious of my spending when it comes to clothing...either way I'm glad we had this talk lol.

The picture and quote below describe how I feel.  Thanks to Leah Remillet's blog for the inspiration.

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