Isn't it crazy how we spend our lives waiting?  It always seems like it takes forever for things to happen.  If I had started this blog before our wedding it would have read...

"I can't wait to get married"
"Why have we waited so long to get married?"
"Will July 24 ever get here?"
"Could this summer take any longer?"

I mean seriously, when did I stop to enjoy what was happening?

Never, that's when.

I have been making a solid effort to enjoy the now lately, but with my new running goals, I feel like I have begun the waiting game again.

"How long will it be before I see results?"
"When will my legs stop aching with the effort of three doubles a week plus 2 miles three-four times a week?"
"When will I stop being sleepy from running?"
"When will I get to go on my shopping trip because I need new clothes?'

I need this to stop now!  If I run, sit, jog, walk and work wondering when these things will happen, when will I enjoy them happening?

So here, I pledge to try to pay more attention to....


March 6 and 9 runs.  2.24 miles and 2.12 miles respectively.

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