Things I LOVE

I have become obsessed with some really great products lately.  I don't typically LOVE things as much as I LOVE the products above, unless we are talking about movies or books, of course.  

1. This beautiful Barr-Co. Candle was purchased at Anthropologie.  It has this amazing aroma that changes as it burns.  A little coconut, a little freshness and boom, my whole apartment smells relaxing and cozy.  It lasts a long while too!  I am on my second candle and can't wait to buy my third.

2. Let's face it, I LOVE dessert; however, I do want to start getting into shape and all of my sources says that dark chocolate is the way to go.  Enter Dove Dark Chocolate Squares to save the day.  Plus I got it on sale after Valentine's Day.

3. Bath and Body Works has long been my staple for amazing smelling lotions and body mists.  Last summer I fell in LOVE with Forever Sunshine.  It is a mix of apricot and summer smells. I have the lotion and body spray in this fragrance.  

4. I have been searching my whole life for a Chapstick that works well for me.  I typically lose it or it just doesn't work the way I want it to.  I demand a good mix of softness and usability from my lip balms.  C.O. Bigelow's Rose Salve wins the award for best ever!  It comes in a little tin, so I don't lose it, and it works wonders on not only my lips but also on my chapped hands.  It also gives my lips a nice shine, which I appreciate.

5. Eye shadows are something that I tend to LOVE or hate.  This has become my new favorite.  It is Ulta's eyeshadow quad Girly Girl.  It has great colors for my skin tone.  I can make it look dark or light, which makes it easy to switch from night to day.  I work long hours and having an eyeshadow that stays on and doesn't make my eyes look dark or have creases makes me a happy lady.

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