Wall Art

Nick took a week off of work in January, and we decided to get some DIY art accomplished.  Most of the walls of our apartment have pictures or paintings on them.  I think it makes it look more like a home and less like an apartment that we won't live in for very long lol.  At any rate, our dining room really needed some wall art.  We found some cool art online that we decided to replicate.

1.  See the poor sad wall space :(

2. We picked up three canvases from Hobby Lobby.  I wanted them to be different sizes to add depth to the art and to make it more interesting.

3.  We took blue painters tap and ran it across the three canvases.  We also bought three different shades of purple.  We picked a swatch from Menards that had three different shades that we liked and asked the lovely attendant to mis us samples of each color.  

4.  From there we separated the canvases and painted each a different shade.

5.  We LOVE the final results!

6.  The only thing that annoys me is that the edges of the white lines are a little fuzzy.  I think it is mostly because we had to paint two coats of each color and the tape shrank up in between coats.  Either way, it was a cheap and easy project that we fits perfectly in our apartment.

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