Out of Commission

I have been out of commission since Sunday.  As a result, Nick has taken over house duties, as well as entertaining-Lauren duties.  He has stepped up to the plate nicely.  He made me chili and has done the dishes and laundry (well kinda).  

Since I have been on sitting rest, I've been thinking of my favorite TV Shows and have been Netflix-ing them like it is my job.  So here goes:

Now sadly, Netflix would not let me watch all of them instantly on the Wii, but I was able to watch all of Bones.  I just thought I would go ahead and mention some of my other favorites.

1 comment:

  1. Since we subscribed to Netflix I have gotten addicted to 30 Rock as well. I love Tina Fey. I'm also a big fan of TBBT. We have seasons 1 & 2 here and am asking for season 3 for Christmas. Bezinga! Happy resting.


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