Tea Time

Over the past month or so, Nick and I have both had sore throats off and on.  The only remedy was hot tea.  There began my quest (that's right, I said "quest") to find my favorite hot tea.  Let me tell you, there are a lot of options, and I have only just begun my search.  

I decided the best way to start the search was a Twinings' Tea Variety Pack.  The pack consisted of Early Grey, Lady Grey, English Breakfast Tea and Irish Breakfast Tea.  I've tried all of them and must say my favorites are the English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast.  The two Grey's are just too citrus-y for me.  Don't get me wrong; I enjoy oranges and grapefruits by themselves, but orange flavor should not be mixed with tea, in my opinion. 

I'm not sure where this quest will take me next, but I'm excited to go grocery shopping this weekend and tackle the tea aisle once again.  I will not rest until my quest is accomplished!

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