Welcome to November

Do you know what happend to October?  Because I sure don't.

Lately, I have been living week to week or work schedule to work schedule.  I don't make plans anymore either.  Mostly because my schedule is so unreliable.  I am looking to change this habit and or just starting living to live to have fun.  

At any rate, I am also going to try to blog more this month.  So...here is an update as to what is going on with us...

I am still reading the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Ruthfuss. I am now on the second book A Wise Man's Fear. Nick has begun reading the first book.  I am still in love and have a great time talking with a friend at work about it.  We almost have our own little book club (which is a dream of mine).

I am also working hard on my crocheted blanket.  I have over half of it put together and plan on finishing it this month; especially since I am going to start making Christmas stockings and a tree skirt soon.  

Beyond those projects.  Nick and I are waiting for a good movie to hit theaters.  We are tired of the releases as of late.  

Oh, and the face wash I have been using for over a year now has disappeared from shelves.  I was using St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead Control Apricot Face Wash. It took me a long time to find a good face wash and product line in general that works well with my skin.  I have very sensitive skin.  It likes to break out for odd reasons or have rashes.  I'm allergic to Snuggle and need to be careful to not use Dial soap on a regular basis.  Basically, my skin is picky.  So I am on a hunt for a new line or at lest new face wash.  A blogger that I follow has recently switched to natural skin care products, and I am thinking of following her lead.  I'm in research mode now, but please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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