Day Off

Folks, today is my day off this week, and while that means I work all weekend, I'm excited about having the morning to myself.  

I get to do whatever I want this morning, and Nick has promised that I can continue being in control of the T.V., Nook or whatever it is I want when he gets home this evening.  I'm pumped!

So right now...

1. I'm deciding what color to paint my nails: it's between 

2. I'm waiting for my butter to get soft so I can make Banana Nut Bread (pics to come later this week)

3. I'm trying to pick what movie to watch while I crochet my blanket (that's right, I'm so not done yet lol)

4. I'm listening to Pandora (playing Joshua Radin's You Got Grown' Up To Do) and drinking coffee

5. I'm sitting in a nice shirt with my new pajama bottoms on, because they are short so I can paint my toes 

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