Nick and I have lived in our current location for about 7 months now.  The town we live in is one of those Midwest towns that was really thriving during the industrial age, but has been on the downward slope for a while now.  It has the classic strip of fastfood chains and Old Navy-esque shops, but it also has a "bad" side of town.  

At any rate, we haven't truly explored the area yet.  Today, we decided to check out the local library because we love books and reading and libraries (in all honesty) and we weren't sure why we hadn't gone yet.

Let me just say, this library went way beyond what we were expecting.  It was amazing!  Three stories of wall to wall books.  We fell in love.  

Now I'm already reading a typical Lauren-style fiction novel, but I wanted some pretty design books and cookbooks to look through.  Here is what I grabbed today.

I can't wait to start looking through all of these amazing sources of inspiration.   


  1. Ohhh lovely books, Lauren. I'd love to look through the Domino and AT magazines. I also love books, and now that I'm moving I can't believe the amount we've gathered in these six years of living in Brazil.
    Hope you enjoy them!


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