So I've had this dream, to own an Inn.  It all started with my obsession with Gilmore Girls.  I love this show.  It is witty, smart and the mother daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory is very similar to my relationship with my mother.

In the show, Sookie and Lorelai open an Inn together.  It is beautiful and amazing, and I want to own one...someday.  

The idea of feeding people and giving them a place to rest is very appealing to me.  I want my inn to be on the smaller side.  Maybe 20 rooms or so.  It will have a big library/sitting room and dining room.  The furniture will be comfy and welcoming.  The whole idea just makes me happy and warm inside.  

Nick is on board with the idea too.  Every once in a while, when we make an amazing breakfast, he will say "this will be perfect for our inn."  

In my dream, Nick and I live nearby.  Near enough to solve problems, but far enough away that we have a life separate from the inn.  We can't decide if we should wait to own the inn until we are older or if it is something we want to do when we still have kids in the house.

Either way, there is a lot that we need to do before we can own an inn.  For one, we need to save.  I also need more experience.  Have I mentioned before that I graduated with a degree in Hospitality and Food Management.  I've got a lot of food knowledge, but I need to learn more on the hotel/hospitality side before we jump into this endeavor.  

What dreams do you have?

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  1. Fun dream! I loved Gilmore Girls too. Such a great show.

    I have so many little dreams but all I want is to always be happy!


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