Running/Jogging/Walking Month 1

I did it! I ran/jogged/walked 4-5 times a week for a whole month.  It was amazing, and I feel amazing for it.

My body and mind have changed so much throughout those 18 pictures (that's right, 18!).  Some days it was easy, I mean truly easy to do 1 or 2 miles; while other days, I wanted to cry it was so hard to get out the door.  My body is responding to the change though.  My legs are stronger and get antsy if I don't use them enough in a day.  I am also able to breath better throughout my work out.  Breathing has always been a struggle for me.  I can't breath in through my nose and out through my mouth like I should.  Instead, I pant and pant and pant through my workouts.  My lungs are getting stronger though and don't have to work as hard. My mind has been the most amazing change though.  I crave the workouts.  We hung out with family on Sunday and even though we walked and played around outside and I even got a bike and rode for a few minutes...I still couldn't stop thinking about whether or not I should work out when we got home.  Craving the rhythm and the adrenaline is amazing.  It keeps me going through the rough days.

As far as health goes, I haven't stepped on a scale...not once.  I don't want to pressure myself like that.  I have tried that before, and I just get depressed or discouraged and my lack of progress.  I can tell you that all of my clothes fit better and that I feel so much better.

With each run, I took a photo.  There are in order above from my first to last run of March.  The amazing Elise inspired the shoe photos.  She has a lovely blog that I can't help but read each day.  She set a goal to run a mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years and documented it through photos.

I can't wait for the runs/jogs/walks I have in April and the results I know I will continue to see.

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