Food Rules

I recently read Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan.  Let me just say, I feel inspired by the amazing words in this book.  I am pumped to change my (and Nick's) eating habits to better our health and to cut out some of the processed foods we consume.

The book gives readers 83 rules to follow to change their eating habits.  Now, let me explain, I will not be able to follow 83 rules let alone remember all of them.  Pollan, however, suggests that you choose three or more rules to start with.  One from each of the three categories: "What should I eat?," "What kind of food should I eat?" and "How should I eat?"

Throughout the beginning, okay at the beginning of the book Pollan answers those three questions and then explains those answers through the 83 rules.

"What should I eat?"
-Eat food

"What kind of food should I eat?"
-Mostly Plants

"How should I eat?"
-Not too much

I have decided to pick a few of these rules and post the ones I want to follow and how I am following them.  I'll be working on deciding which ones we are planning on following and how to follow them.  I'm hoping to begin working on this project on our next grocery shopping trip.

Pollan, Michael. Food Rules: An Eater's Manual. (2011) The Penguin Press. New York

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