It is been almost a month since my last post.  I feel bad for my avid followers (Thanks to Jordan and Katie).

The month of November is always crazy at school.  Over the past week alone I have turned in a rough draft for a 30 page thesis, a 5 page paper, read 3 books, a 7 page paper and an oral presentation.  On top of that, I am presenting at a Symposium tomorrow and have been working 10 hours a week.

So here is a recap of everything Nick and I have been doing in my time off of blogging.

 For Halloween, Nick and I went to the Muncie Symphony Orchestra performance in a mortuary.  Here is a picture of us before the concert.  Let's just say it was an interesting experience.

Nick and I also had an evening with Chaney and Tucker (Nick and now my cousins).  We have spent time with Chaney before, but this was our first go at tackling both the toddlers.  We started the evening making cupcakes.  They were allowed to dye the batter and put sprinkles on before and after baking.  Apparently sprinkles kind of explode in the oven, but they still loved them.

They also got to make their own pizzas with English muffins.  Chaney made pizzas with us last time we had her, and she loved it so much we decided to do it again.  For the record, Chaney LOVES black olives.

 Tucker loved his cupcake!

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  1. I think school maybe a little more important than blogging (for right now, lol). Hope the next couple of weeks go quickly for you so you can be done. But thanks for updating your blog. The kids love looking at pictures of themselves.


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